Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Me and Soccer - Part 2

Last Wednesday, February 28th, me and my team used for the first time our new t-shirts. That was just something new.

My t-shirt number is 16 and it says "Mari" in the back. I like my new t-shirt, it's very comfortable and it has some of my favorites colors: dark blue, light blue and white. I like the design too, it was made based on some of the girls suggestions, then one of my teammate's brother designed the logo, which is really cool.

We were so proud about our uniform that everyone started taking pictures of their own t-shirt, front and back or even with the whole team, it was a real party.

My lovely boyfriend was there with me, he was using his new camera for the first time, taking pictures of me in my new uniform, so you can imagine how many pictures I have of that day. It was real fun ;)

We played between us, we didn't have a game with another team, so it was relaxing, we had time to do some exercise, use our new uniform and play some soccer.

We have a game with some girls we don't know yet. I hope we have fun today, no punches of any kind, just enjoy the game.

I'll let you know how it goes!

See you next time!