Thursday, September 16, 2010

The camera or the photographer?

A while ago I read an article called 15 Incredible iPhone Dog Photographs where the writer wants to show what the IPhone camera is capable of. However for me it was more like showing how sometimes a good photo is not necessarily one that is taken with the best camera.

After reading this article I posted it in Facebook and a friend of mine commented that many times she get comments like "Oh, you take great photos. I need a better camera.", which implies that it's the camera quality/cost that makes the photos good. And she says "it's not - it's the photographer!" and I couldn't agree more.

I know that with a camera like the IPhone camera you have to overcome certain obstacles like the light for example or the lack of zoom capabilities, however you can still compose really good photos.

I have had my IPhone for quite a while now and I've taken a lot of pictures with it because I have it with me all the time and the fact that I can share my photos almost instantly with friends is Facebook is really motivating for me. However, I have never share my IPhone photos anywhere else, not in my Flickr account because Flickr is for my "pretty" and "pro" pictures, but after reading this article and my friend's comment, I thought why I am doing this, why I am not sharing these pictures in Flickr, I should review my IPhone photos and see if I have been actually taking good pictures with my IPhone too. So I started doing it and one of these days I downloaded the photos to my laptop and started reviewing them and improving them and finally posted my first 5 in my Flickr account.

I am not saying they are good, but I like them and I want to share them and get "photography" comments on them, see what happens! I am going to share some of them with you here!

This one I took it from a plane when coming from Houston to Costa Rica, the sunset was great and I wanted to have it. It is too bad I got the window reflection in it and that I don't know Photoshop that much to fix it but I still like it:

This one is my dog Sam, almost 90% of pictures I take with my IPhone are of him. Here he is seated on his Grandpa's chair, he likes to get on it because he can see through the window:

This is from a Gandhi concert that we attended to last week, it was awesome but I was dumb enough to not take my camera, thank God I had my IPhone with me:

This is from the same concert, before Gandhi started playing, the stage, cool tools!!

If you want to comment on the photos just click on them and comment on Flickr or add comments here as well, all comments are welcome!

I am going to be posting my IPhone photos on a specific set in Flickr called IPhone in case you want to keep track of my progress.

Another thing important I learn is always take the picture, don't worry about the camera, just take it!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Gandhi - The Band

I haven't been a big fan of national music, but my husband Carlos is a big fan of Gandhi, so he took me to one of their concerts at Jazz Cafe a while ago, I must say that I really liked it. I liked the music and loved Luis' way of dancing and the way he gets into the "signing zone" so deep that is contagious.

We went to another concert yesterday at Jazz Cafe Escazu where they were going to release their new video for the song "Estrellame". The concert was amazing, they started with some acoustic songs and then the usual rock songs, so good! Federico is amazing with the guitar, it is simply an awesome show to watch and listen.

I wish they get more attention from other people in the world, because they are a worldwide class band that deserves all the fame they can get. They are really good and I am proud they are Costarican.

If you have a chance to listen to them, take it, specially if it is live! You will enjoy it!

For now, I share with you here their new video, enjoy!!

If you want to get more information about the band go to