Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Philosophy for Traveling

I would like to share with you one of my philosophies!!

When I lived in Spain we used to travel a lot to some of the most important Spanish Cities and also to the most famous European cities.

We went to Lisbon, Amsterdam, London, Rome, Paris, Florence and Venice and while I traveled that much, I learned a few things.

If you travel to a place to visit a town or a city and you know you won't spend to much time in the hotel, -- you use it just to go to sleep and take a shower --, then find a nice hotel not so expensive that is cheap, clean and with the things you need, -- a nice bed and a clean bathroom --, so in that way you can use the money for other stuff like food, tickets, wine, etc. Sometimes you can even find that perfect little cheap hotel with breakfast included, you just have to look for it. If you think we are going to spend more time in the hotel then you need a nicer place, otherwise cheap, clean and quiet will do, believe me!

For example, when we went to Florence, there were so many things to see that we got up at 8 am, get showered, eat breakfast and then went off to check all the cool stuff you can see in Florence. We got back to the hotel around 8 or 9 pm. just to fall sleep because we were so tired that we couldn't anything else. So, definitely we didn't need a big room for that, it would have been a waste.

Obviously, if you have the money to stay in a very fancy hotel and still get good food, pay all the museum tickets and anything you need, I would just say, GO AHEAD! ENJOY!!

Monday, July 09, 2007


Well, as you might be thinking, yes, this is a post about the new TV Series, Heroes. I'm amazed by it, it is so entertaining that I compare it to Dan Brown's book Angels and Daemons.

You are probably wondering why?, well definitely not because of the story of course, both are totally different, but for how the heroes story grabs your attention so you always want to know what's next.

I remember when I was reading Angels and Daemons, every free moment I had I went and grab my book and start reading. Something similar happens to me with Heroes, I don't want to miss an episode.

I haven't watched the whole first season yet, I've just seen the first 15 episodes and the good thing is that they are always introducing new characters, mixing them more, making the story even more complicated, so you start guessing about what is going to happen, knowing that what you thought is not what is going to happen.

It is a really cool TV show, it makes you wonder, what would you do with all those powers? Would you lose yourself? or Would you use them to make good? or Would you prefer to be normal? Not a hero?

What would you do?