Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A New Cooking Experience - "Hongos Madrileños"

If you have been in Olio Restaurant, you might have tried the "Hongos Madrileños" (Mushrooms Madrid style). They are really good, I really enjoyed them. I enjoyed them so much, that I had look up the recipe and I found it, so my boyfriend and I decided to try cooking it.

I must say that it was a complete success even though it was the first time we made it and the fact that we had to replace an ingredient on the way.

After preparing it, we saw that the quantities of each ingredient specified in the recipe were not very accurate cause we have some of the stuffing left over.

I'll give you here our changed recipe so you can try it at home and see how it goes! Good luck!


* 1 box of freshed mushrooms (this meaning a box of around 15 medium fresh mushrooms)
* 1 roll of chives
* 15 ml. of olive oil
* 15 ml. of Lizano sauce (this should replace the Worcestershire sauce of the original recipe)
* Black pepper as much as you want
* Salt as much as you want
* 160 gr. of cream cheese
* 30 gr. of ground bread
* 30 gr. of ground Parmesan cheese
* 60 gr. of Serrano jam
* 60 ml. of heavy cream
* 60 ml. of white wine


1. Cut the mushrooms thallus and separate them.

2. Take the chives, wash them, cut the thallus and separate them.

3. Grind the jam and separate it.

4. In a food processor, put the mushrooms thallus and chives thallus, process them until they make an homogenized sauce.

5. Heat a frying pan with olive oil and fry the sauce you made in step 4, add the Lizano sauce, salt and pepper. When ready put it a recipient where it can get cold.

6. Mix the cream cheese, the ground bread, the Parmesan cheese and the jam.

7. When the mushrooms thallus and chives thallus sauce is cold, mix it with what you got from step 6. This would be the stuffing of the mushrooms.

8. Stuff the mushrooms with the mix you got from step 7.

9. In a frying pan, add the heavy cream, wait until is a bit hot and add the white wine, when this is hot enough add the stuffed mushrooms, cover the frying pan and cook the mushrooms for around 8 minutes using medium heat until the mushrooms are cooked.

10. Put the mushrooms in a plate, take some of the sauce left on the frying pan and put it on top of the mushrooms.


Note: You can have some Ciabatta bread to eat it with the mushrooms!