Sunday, December 10, 2006

Save our planet - Recycle

Did you know that plastic takes at least three hundred million years to decompose? And did you know that plastic can be reprocessed or reused? A lot of materials can be recycled to create new products, for instance plastic, paper, glass and aluminum.

By reprocessing waste to recover reusable materials we help to preserve our natural resources; however, there are some countries where recycling is not a common practice. That is why governments should establish laws to motivate people to recycle.

By recycling our natural resources are better preserved, less waste would need to be treated and more money would be saved since old materials would be reused instead of having to create new ones. That is why our governments should established a law that helps people to recycle providing them with the necessary resources to do it. In this way, people would be more motivated to recycle not because it is a law but because it is necessary to help preserve our home planet.

Look at the picture on the left, it is a picture taken a national park named Tapanti in Costa Rica, it is such a beautiful place, ...
...where you can find a rain forest , animals, a beautiful river and a wonderful waterfall, think about it, we need to preserve that, our kids and grandkids have the right to be able to enjoy it too!


  • Recycling Saves Natural Resources

  • Recycling Saves Energy

  • Recycling Saves our Environment

  • Recycling Adds Value to the Economy

  • Recycling is Good Business


  1. Anonymous1:49 PM

    El Ayuntamiento de Madrid pone en nuestras calles contenedores para depositar papel, vidrio, envases y el resto de basuras. De este modo facilita a los simpáticos ciudadanos la tarea del reciclaje. De todos modos, como la gente es muy vaga, hay quien, con tal de no darse un paseo hasta el contenedor de papel o el de vidrio, acaba depositando esos restos con la basura orgánica ¡Pero qué vagos son algunos!

    Saludos desde Valdebernardo, amiga Maricel. Ya sabes que aquí tienes tu casa.

    P.D.- Por si no sabes quien soy, te daré una pista: Soy especialista en quedarme dormido en mi puesto de trabajo.

    -- And now in English (not very good, but English).

    Madrid City Council has installed in our streets some containers to deposit paper, glass, tins, briks and organic waste. On this way it helps citizens the recycling task. Anyway, there are always some lazy people that prefers to put all things in the organic waste receptacle just to avoid walking to the other containers. They are really sluggish!

  2. Well you are lucky, here in Costa Rica there are no recycling policies, so everybody throws everything together, it's just terrible!!