Tuesday, December 19, 2006

An Inconvenient Truth

I watched the movie "An Inconvenient Truth" a few days ago and it is shocking, amazing, terrifying, all that at the same time!
It is shocking and terrifying because they give so many facts about all the global warming problems the earth is having that most of us haven't even heard of yet.

It is amazing because Al Gore makes it amazing, he gives a presentation about global warming, which is just amazing, he is such a great speaker and the best thing is that he is really committed to this global warming problem, so he goes through his presentation with great passion and he really cares, he really wants to make the whole world aware of this issue and its consequences. He also tells the audience some stories about his family, some problems he had and he also tells about how he felt when he lost the presidency of the United States, which buy the way it was something terrible, the world would be a lot better right now if he were the US president.

It's really important that we all take care of our environment, we need to recycle, save energy, put less and less C02 in the atmosphere or our planet and our homes are going to suffer awful consequences.

Watch An Inconvenient Truth, it really worth it!!

If you want to know ten things you can do to help stop global warming read this document at climatecrisis.net, 10 Things to do

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