Friday, February 02, 2007


Last Thursday, February 01st, I enjoyed a great concert of one of our finest Costa Rican musical groups, Malpaís. The concert was in Jazz Café Bar, San Pedro.

This is their third concert I go to, I might say it's the best, not only for the quality of it but because I could share it with some friends and coworkers.

I was so lucky I had the chance to listen, not only theirs well known songs, but the new ones, that are as good as the old ones.

These concerts really make you feel, not only because of the music and lyrics, but also for the sentiment the musicians put in their performance when they are playing their instruments. Also, the main singer, Fidel, he really enjoys when he's signing, it's just awesome.
The first time I listened to the group was in a concert at Jazz Café too, I've never listened to them until that day, but when I did, they really conquer my heart with that emotion and sentiment they have when they sing and play in each one of their concerts.

You seat their to listen to this group wishing that the concert never ends, you sing, you scream and there are even some who dance in spite of the small space and the crowd in the bar.

Yesterday, Carlos and I bought their last record, Malpaís En Vivo, I must say it's really good, listen to them playing live it's just great. I also, liked the little book that comes with the CD, it has great pictures and good texts. I enjoyed too, the voice of Daniela Rodríguez, I honestly think she should get a chance of singing more in the group, she has a great voice. Come on guys, think about it!

I really hope, they keep having the great success they have had so far, that they keep composing and giving us this wonderful music that makes us feel so proud of the Costa Rican music.

Pictures taken by Ana Garcia!

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