Friday, February 16, 2007

Cantera at Jazz Café

Last Wednesday, February 07th, the CEO of the company I work for, Mario Chaves, invited me and Carlos to listen to a Flamenco group at Jazz Café. I hadn't listened Flamenco since I got back from Spain, so I couldn't refuse the invitation.
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Carlos and I were in charged of arriving to the restaurant earlier so we didn't lose the reservation, it wasn't very full when we got there and Jazz Café was as cozy as always and it had that particular quite environment that characterizes it. While we waited for the other guests, Carlos and I had something to drink, he asked for a Belgian beer and I had a Frozen Daiquirí, which was an excellent choice.
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Around 9:30 my boss arrived, he also ordered a beer and then we ordered a pizza Jazz that was really good, excellent flavor.

When it was ten o'clock Cantera started the show, it was really a big surprise, they had excellent musicians, the guys in charge of the guitars were just exceptionals, the singer put some Spanish style to the music and the Flamenco dancer made the show even better with her hands movement and the music she made with her shoes.
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The only bad thing was the group announced their break up, because their two guitarists were hired to play in some other countries, one of them is going to Spain. It's really sad because, even though was the first time I saw the show, I was really impressed with their performance.
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When you have the chance, go see them ... while they are still together!!

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  1. The music was excellent throughout the night and to top it off, they finished with their version of "Spain", the classic Chick Corea composition and "Entre Dos Aguas", the famous Paco de Lucia piece that for me defined the new flamenco style. As always, an evening at Jazz Cafe was another evening well spent.