Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Okinawa Restaurant - An Example of Good Customer Service

My boyfriend and I wanted to go to dinner to the Japanese restaurant Okinawa, so last Monday we called to make a reservation for Tuesday night in the grill area.

On Tuesday, I got a call from the restaurant manager telling me that on Tuesdays the grill area is closed due to maintenance of the grill. The manager was very polite and nice, he apologized for the mistake and offered us a discount in the meal and the chance to change the reservation, but we decided to keep the reservation for Tuesday and eat in one of the other areas, specially because you can still order foods made on the grill, the only thing is that they cook them inside so you miss the show :)

When we arrived to the restaurant, the manager was very nice, he gave us another table, a very nice cozy table. We ordered and later the manager approached us with a bottle of wine, Casillero del Diablo Cabernet Sauvignon, and a 30% discount on the meal. We were so pleased with the good service they gave us and very happy to see that there are restaurants in this country that actually care about their customers' satisfaction.

Okinawa became one of our favorites restaurants, they have excellent food and a great service. If you like Japanese food, we recommend it!

Okinawa is located in Curridabat San Jose, 100 meters south and 20 meters west from McDonald's (sorry for the so Costa Rican address). Its website is


  1. Yes, that restaurant has good service. I went there last August for mother's day with my family, and the service was great. Too bad the food wasn't... it didn't taste fresh at all. It might have been that day in particular, since the place was packed, but I haven't gone back since.
    I'll give them another chance in the future.
    In the mean time, I recommend you try Ichiban (Calle Real) or Kioto (Near "El Balcon de los Mariscos" in Curridabat). Or, if you want something more affordable, Bonsai is pretty good and has great prices (near Muñoz & Nanne).

  2. Okinawa closed about a year ago (2009). The other places Jose suggests are good, but I haven't been in Bonsai. There is a new one near the old okinawa, it's called Satto, no grill show, small, but great and fresh food. It is located a block and a half heading south from Pops @ Curridabat. Good luck