Monday, November 19, 2007


Here in Costa Rica we have this so called "I don't care culture" where no one wants to be held responsible for anything that happens in the country. I can talk about some examples here!

When we have our president selection, a lot of people don't go to vote, but then when the new president makes mistakes they say it is a bad president even though they didn't go to vote when they have the chance to select someone else, also they blame the ones who voted for the elected president for voting for him.

We have a referendum last October, 2007 to people decide weather or not the CAFTA would be approved or not. Only 60% of the people voted. 40% of the people in Costa Rica let others to make their decisions for them, later they complain.

Our country, like many others in the world, is very contaminated. The rivers are full of garbage and toxic waste, we are losing our forests, which is one our greatest treasures here. But a lot of people don't care, they just continue throwing their garbage in the rivers and on the streets. People here don't recycle either, I know the government doesn't have specific policies to deal with recycled things, but there are some private companies that do, so taking our recycled things to them doesn't cost a thing and it helps a lot.

There have been a lot of talking about the increasing in poverty. However, we can see everyday a lot of young students dropping school. They don't study, then they don't get a good job, then they don't have a good salary, then they complain and in some cases, they even steal. I know, there are cases where the people didn't have the opportunity to study, but most of the people do, cause education is free here in Costa Rica, they just need to really want to do it and then make an effort.

Another thing I've noticed is that everyone hates rich people, but they want to be like them without hard working, they want everything for free and what I learned in this world is that if you don't study hard and don't work hard, you won't be able to have a good life with the things you need and want.

We need to start taking responsibility of our lives and the choices we make. We need to study and work hard, that is the only way we can make this country progress! We are smart people, we can do it, we just need to start!

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