Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Along came Sam

I have a new friend, his name is Sam. He is really special and very important for me, I've came to love him now and I guess he loves me too!

He is young and very tender, he likes to play a lot. I guess his favorite things to do are playing, sleeping and eating.

He is a Samoyed, he is now 2.5 months old. My boyfriend and I bought him because my boyfriend always wanted to have a dog and I wanted to please him. We talked about it and then we decided that in the future we would get one, but then we saw some pictures of Samoyed dogs and we both felt in love. We look at the Internet and we found this family who were selling some puppies so we went to see them. They stole our hearts then we decided to get Sam.

He has been with us for almost a month now, it's been hard because a doggy is a lot of work, it's like a baby, but I think it worth it. He is so grateful, he always wants to be with us, play with us or just be there and makes us company, he is a true friend.

He is a really smart dog and I can wait to see him all grown up, so beautiful, but at the same time I don't want him to grow so fast, I like to see him always wanting to play and so tender and wonderful and learning new things everyday.

Here are some pictures of him so you can meet him and see how cute he is.

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  1. Well, even if it is wrong of me to say this, but our dog is indeed beautiful, and not only that but he's smart and just plain adorable.

    It's weird because every time we go out with him, he makes a great impact on people around him.

    He has give our lives a lot of joy and we love having him with us.