Friday, February 22, 2008

Malpaís in Palmares

Last Saturday February 16th, Carlos and I went to a Malpaís Concert in Palmares with my sister and my niece. It was organized by a foundation called Madre Verde that works to protect our natural resources and preserve our nature.

It was really fun, the foundation organized something they called "Conciertoturno", which was the concert combined with several activities that are done when there is a feast in a town, they had performers and typical food.

There was also a guy called Juan who tells stories, his artistic name is Juan Cuentacuentos, his site is

Something really funny was that people from Malpais were part of the "Mascarada", they were dressed in customs, they even played dressed like that, it was really funny.

After the break, Juan Cuentacuentos appeared and he started telling stories for which he used the help of Malpais music to give the story more suspense. It was really interesting to see how Juan and Malpais improvised and how they made the public laugh, it was really good.

The concert was great, Malpaís played songs from their new CD that is to come out on June. Something that I really enjoyed was a new song that Daniella Rodríguez sang, it was about time that they let her sing a complete song, she has a great voice and in my opinion she should have more participation in the group.

I think Malpais is a great group, they have really good music and most of the members have a lot of experience in the area. However, they have young members in the group who could do so much more, like Daniella, I think she should sing more and try to be more enthusiastic when she is on the stage. When she sang that new song on the concert everyone was crazy, it was so good that everybody applauded and cheered her up, but she looked a bit shy, she needs to accept that people love how she sings and enjoy it. Also, the other guys should give her more space and encourage her to be less shy.

You can find pictures of the concert in Radio Malpais Site, unfortunately I didn't bring my camera.

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