Friday, June 20, 2008

Moab - Utah

I have a new job in a company that has its headquarters in Park City, Utah. I have to go there for training, I spent a month up there.

One weekend, me and my boyfriend went to Moab, somebody suggested it and we took the advice. To get there we had to travel around 4 hours, but it was worth it.

We got there around noon, we had lunch and then we went to Arches National Park where we spent the rest of the day.

Arches is just a great park, you can see these big walls of red rocks, very impressive. We did some hiking in some of the trails that take you to the main arches in the park, it is pretty cool.

The next day we took a Jet boat tour, it was pretty amazing, because you get to see a lot of cool things that you wouldn't see in any other tour. The tour lasted around 4 hours and includes a stop so you do some hiking to see mummified trees, we didn't get to see them that day, apparently there was a flood so we couldn't walk there. The tour guide was very funny, he really knew all the nicest spots and their history.

We wanted to do a 4x4 tour as well, but we didn't have the chance, we hope we can do it next time. We want to take a tour that is during the sunset so you can take great pictures.

In Moab Main St. you can find excellent restaurants, we went to an Italian restaurant called Pasta J's, it was just great, I really recommend it.

Moab is a really nice place to visit, you have a lot things to do, especially if you are into the outdoors activities. Just be sure to take the right shoes and clothes for these activities, inside the park there are a lot of sand places,so if you are wearing sandals, that might be and issue.

I took some pictures in case you want to check them out!

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