Friday, June 20, 2008

Tricking your mind.99!

In my last trip to the US, I spent a month there, we had this cable that had a lot of Infomercial channels, the rest of the channels had a lot of commercials as well.

It was funny, because after being some time there, I got this phrase in my mind "ninety nine", why? I'll tell you!

You know that most selling companies would sell their products with a price that would be something like $X.X9. This is a selling strategy that will make you think that if you are getting a product with the price of $9.99 it would cost you $9, when in reality it is costing you almost $10.

What it was interesting to me is how far they gotten with this, everything was something 99, you would see Gas offers at $2.99 a gallon, a shirt $9.99, the monthly payment for a car $199.99. The worst part is that it works, you see the payment for the car and you don't think that is $200, you think that is $100 and something.


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