Friday, February 04, 2011

Pictures of Cities I visited in Italy

While I was in Spain I had the chance to do two trips to Italy, one in December 2004 and the other one in May 2005. During the first trip, I only visited Rome and then in the second one I visited Florence, Lucca, Pisa and Venice.

During these trips I fell in love with Italy, my favorite city of those I visited was Florence, mainly because the amount of art you find, the architecture and the whole environment of the place, it is simple amazing.

As mentioned in a previous post, my camera got stolen after I returned to Madrid with almost all my pictures from Rome, I only saved a few because they were in another card, the smallest card of the two, what a luck. Here is a photo from Rome I saved:

Roma - Fuente Trevi - 002

Roma - Coliseo - 016

Roma - Foro Romano - 013

During my second trip to Italy we arrived to Florence first, this city is a must see, if you are planning to go to Italy, make sure you visit Florence.

Florencia - 010

Florencia - Ponte Vecchio

Florencia - Duomo - 010

We went to Pisa for a day, it is really a small town, so you can see everything you might be interested in in half a day.

Pisa - Torre - 030

Pisa - Catedral - 008

On our way back to Florence from Pisa, we made a stop in Lucca, another small town, super cute.

Lucca - 018

Lucca - 011

Last city I visited was Venice, it was awesome, I loved it. Good thing is that you can see it all in two days.

Venecia - Basilica San Marco - 024

Venecia - Ponte Rialto - 006

Venecia - Piazza San Marco - 003

Italy is a beautiful country, a lot of things to see, places to visit, food to eat, history, art, etc. I would love to go back for a month or two. Someday I will!

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