Tuesday, November 28, 2006


The picture above was taken on my sister's garden and I modified it in Picasa to give it the effect you are seeing right now!
From Flowers 

In this space I want to share with you some experiences I had related to photography and some useful information I found that it might help you too.

Tips and help

I found this site that sends you videos with tutorials on how to use Photoshop which are very helpful if you mostly work with digital photos. The name of the site is Photo Secrets. Come on, take a look!!

Here at O'relly there are several good tips that can help you understand some basic concepts.

If you want to see reviews of cameras, go to this site DpReview.com. They have excellent reviews of every single camera you might want to know about.

Cool links!

A friend of mine send me this site TrekEarth. Here you can upload your pictures so others can learn about the world through photography. It's a really interesting concept.

A photography site I really like, it's the Ansel Adam's site. Here you can find the best black and white pictures ever taken.

A friend of mine has a site where he has some pictures he changed to make them look like paintings, so if you want to take a look at them, go to Karoly's pictures

Sites to share your pictures

My favorites are PicasaWeb and Shutterfly, specially Picasa, because it's really easy to upload pictures and you can embed some of them in your blogs or sites.

More coming later...

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