Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tapantí National Park - Costa Rica

We went to Tapanti a few months ago. Some friends and I decided to take one day trip to a national park, somebody recommended us Tapanti, so we went there. It's closed to San Jose, like an hour or so.

We wanted to have some breakfast to we went to a hotel that is in Orosi, almost arriving to Tapanti, it was terrible because they didn't have Gallo Pinto, everyone was so disappointed, but any how we at least had some bread, eggs and coffee of course.

Tapanti National Park is just a great place if you want to be close to nature, there you can walk through the forest, there is this beautiful river and waterfalls, it is just amazing.

On the way back we had lunch in a restaurant in Orosi, it was very good, specially because everyone was so hungry and tired of the trip.

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