Friday, November 24, 2006

Traveling to Europe - More tips

The picture on the left is from some typical houses in Amsterdam!

Here are some tips if you want to travel to Europe.
From Holanda 

The Tips...

  • In, select the private rooms, because if you select the dorms, you would have to share your room with people you don't even know, dorms are cheaper though. If you select a Private one, you have to double check that the bathroom is also private, sometimes they have private rooms but you have to use a shared bathroom.

  • If you are looking for hostels that are not so bad, check the Budget Hotel category in These are generally cleaner and more comfortable and in a better location.

  • Traveling by train is kind of expensive, sometimes it's even better to take a plane, because you get to your destiny faster and the price is almost the same.

  • In most of the European countries, they have metro, which is a way to move fast in the cities. Generally, they have special tickets for tourist that last for several days.

  • In several cities, like Barcelona, there are touristic buses that take you all over the city. You can pay for one day or two. They are very useful because they go to the most important places in the city and you can get in or get off whenever you want.

  • Something to take into account is that there are guides for every city in the world that have itineraries where you can find information about all the places where you should go, how much are the entrance tickets and how much time you should spend in every place, so this allow you to organize your trip.

  • If you are going to Rome, look for hostel Euro, it's cheap, clean and it's very close to the main train station where you can take the train, metro and buses

  • If you go to Rome or Florence, there are tours that you can pay in advance that would take to most visited places so you don't have to wait in lines or risk that you cannot enter the museums or galleries. In the case of Florence, there are some galleries, like Uffizi, that it's a lot better to reserve the ticket through Internet, because this gallery is one of the most visited in Florence, so you can spend hours in line.

  • If you go to Venice, you would need around 2 days to see it all, it's actually a small city unlike Florence where there is so many things to see. In Venice try to stay out of the island because it's very expensive. Also, to move around Venice, buy the ferry ticket that is for 24 hours and allows you to go everywhere.

  • If you go to London, just remember, this city is extremely expensive, so just be careful with your finances!

  • If you go to Amsterdam, rent a bike, it's the best way to move around the city and it's cheap!

  • If you go to Portugal don't forget to go to Sintra, this is a beautiful town and it's around one hour and a half in train from Lisbon.

I hope this information is helpful for you! ;)

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