Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Photography class: Assignment 2 - Observing

The second assignment of my photography class was to form my name using photos, more specifically:
  • Use one photo per letter
  • The photo has to be of a common object that looks like a letter
  • I could not use things that are ment to be letters like the McDonalds sign
  • I could not use ropes or strings to form a letter myself
Here are the photos I took, I must say they are not the best ones I've taken, but they were enough for the assignment.

Letter M: Part of my kitchen tiles
Assignment 2 - Letter M

Letter A: Bottom of my Eiffel tower souvenir
Assignment 2 - Letter A

Letter R: Part of a rose stalk
Assignment 2 - Letter R

Letter I: Part of the thing I use to hold my kitchen paper towels
Assignment 2 - Letter I

Letter C: Part of the thing I use to hang my keys
Assignment 2 - Letter C

Letter E: Part of a napkin ring
Assignment 2 - Letter E

Letter L: Part of a photo frame where I have a picture of my dog Sam
Assignment 2 - Letter L

All together
Assignment 2 - Name

What did I learn with this assignment?
  • To observe
  • To pay attention to my surroundings
  • To pay attention to the details
  • To look for forms, lines and patterns
  • To try to pre-visualize how the photo is going to look before taking it
This was fun, do you want to form your own name?

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