Monday, January 24, 2011

Photography class: Assignment 4 - Composition

In the last two classes we have been reviewing a lot of different techniques used in composition, for example:
So the assignment was to take 5 pictures and include in each one of them as many composition techniques as possible.

The pictures I took are:

Picture #1: My friendly neighbor the spider

Assignment 3 - composition
What I want to show here is the spider and bit its spiderweb.

Picture #2: Same spider from another angle

Assignment 3 - composition
Same here, I want to focus on the spider and a bit in the spiderweb but showing a bit of the tree where the spiderweb is on.

Picture #3: Las Ruinas de Cartago

Assignment 3 - composition
Main interest here is to show the ruins, the walls and then the surroundings.

Picture #4: La Virgen de Los Angeles

Assignment 3 - composition
Main focus in this one is the virgen statue and then the flowers that are left by people for her.

Picture #5: La Basilica de Los Angeles

Assignment 3 - composition
In this one, I was interested in showing the ceiling and then the inside design of the church as a whole, which is awesome in my opinion.

The suggestions/feedback I received from my teacher and my classmates were for picture #2 and picture #3. For picture #2 they said that the green leaves were distracting even though they were out of focus, so they suggested cropping the photo a bit, in my opinion I think the leaves give context to where the photo was taken, but what do I know, that is why I am taking the class :-). This is how it looks after applying the cropping (I cropped it but leaving still a bit of green).

Assignment 3 - composition

For picture #3 they said that the orange flowers were distracting too, specially because they took a big part of the photo, so they suggested cropping the photo to make the orientation portrait instead of lanscape. Another suggestion was to leave it as it is in landscape but make it black and white to remove the distracting color. Here are the changes applied:

After cropping it, now in portrait

Assignment 3 - composition

In black and white

Assignment 3 - composition

So what do you think, cropping or black and white in this case? I want to know what your opinion.

Also, what do you think about the other pictures?
  1. What is your feedback/suggestions/ideas?
  2. What is your favorite of the five?
  3. What composition techniques you see in every picture?
Please add your comments to the post :-)


  1. You're doing some great stuff here, Maricel! I think I like the Basilica best - guess I'm in a geometric-pattern mood today. And on the last one, I like the vertical-cropped color version as a piece of art, although for some purposes the black and white version might be a better choice. Keep it up, I'm learning by watching!

  2. I Love the one inside the "Catedral",... awesome,... Now I have to go Mayra's B&B with my camera for a weekend,... lol,... ツ